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HowToHack Academy - http://academy.zempirians.com
HowToHack Training - http://academy.zempirians.com/labs/training
HowToHack Wargames - http://academy.zempirians.com/about/wargames
Zempirians Training - http://training.zempirians.com
Zempirians Wargames - http://sploit.me.uk


Safely train yourself in various security fields in prevulnerable environments. All training sessions are provided in a format so you can boot these in a virtual environment yourself. IF YOU DO NOT possess the resources to run these yourself, you can use our community lab to test them which is online 24/7. However, we have two very simplistic rules...


1. Do not destroy access to these labs...
* Please report all downtime or corruptions on IRC, so they can be rebooted to a previous snapshot. Thank you!


You may find the training and challenges at the following development website http://training.zempirians.com

How to join...

First, you create an account and use the login system. Once logged in, you will be able to access your control panel for the wargames. Control Panel Access (http://sploit.me.uk)

How to start...

You can either be invited to a team, in this case you will receive a message in your control panel. Otherwise you can create your own team and invite other members to it.

How to setup...

Once you have established a team and confirm you are ready to begin, you will receive login credentials for your server. Log in to the server and setup everything that is outlined in the specific wargame rules (which is available from your control panel).

How to play...

After you finish setting up your server and confirm you are ready to battle, you will receive a detailed war report of the current enemies and will be given their ips. You do what you have to from there to hack them.


All tutorials, videos and walkthroughs are provided through our educational system. Participate or just learn, choice is yours...



You will find us by using an IRC Client and connecting to irc.zempirians.com on non-ssl 6667 or ssl +6697 and then proceed to join #howtohack. If you prefer to use a browser and sample IRC then please access it here https://blackcatz.org/irc


We help maintain the following reddits: /r/HowToHack /r/OpenHacker


All code ready to be released is stored on our github (https://github.com/zempirians)