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From here we will guide you through the various environments of Zempire.

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Zempirians of ZempireZempire was formed in 1982 by Zonis Avatar Saeger who went on to create an art known as the Zonis Technique. In 1997 the Academy was formed and Zempirians began growing thanks to the World Wide Web and the popularity for the Zonis Technique. Today, Zempire and Zempirians are focused on freely sharing knowledge and resources to further explore the unknown.

Code of Conduct

Treat all resources and Zempirians with respect and they will always remain freely available to the public, however, abusing Zempire property or attacking a Zempirian will result in banishment.

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irc.zempirians.com +6697

Welcome to Internet Relay Chat. The default help channel is #lobby for beginners. Please read the MOTD once connected using your favorite IRC client.



Currently we are not associated with any discord servers.



From Neophyte to an Elite Veteran you will enjoy the broad discussions of the sub community.